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The Perfect Nude for Your Skin Tone

For years now the big debate has been on how to choose the right nude for your skin tone. One side of people say it’s going a shade darker or lighter than your skin tone, while the other side says it should mirror your fingertips. What we do know is that it could be either side and that when it comes to what you want to wear on your fingertips there are no rules.

Our nail technicians here at Digits And Spikes Nail Studio believe in helping you find your most flattering personal shade of nude. To help you, we created a guide with light, medium, and deeper skiing tones so that you can find the best nude polish to compliment your unique skin tone. Now before you dive in, you’re going to need to know if you have warm, cool, or neutral undertones (this is very important). To find out exactly take a look at your veins. If your veins appear to be green to olive, you have warm undertones (you most likely look great in gold accessories). If you’re vines are blue-green, you fall into the neutral category which pairs well with rose gold. Lastly, if your veins are on the side of blue-purple, you’re a cool...which means you most likely look fantastic in silver. Check out our picks for your skin tone!

Light Skin Tones

If your skin is light with blue or purple undertones you’ll want to reach for soft pinks. For blueish-greenish undertones tryout peachy shades or warmer pinks; remember that you can pair these shades with rose gold accessories.

Light Medium Skin Tones

If you fall into this category, you not only look great in silver jewelry but soft grades and hints of lavender. People with blue-green undertones can go with cool mauves, while toasted coconut shades will look flawless on olive-green undertones.

Medium Skin Tones

Cool undertones will always look flattering coupled with pinky beiges. Blue-green undertones that fall into the medium skin tones will look best warm chocolate colors, while opaque crepe polishes will pair well with warmer toned skin — fyi this undertone and shade also looks great with gold accessories!

Medium Deep Skin Tones

Baby pinks or buff colors look great on medium-deep tones who also have blue and purple undertones as well. People with neutral undertones will look great with Chantilly beige (don’t forget to add some rose gold rings to set the look). You need warm clay colors for skins with olive-green undertones.

Deep Skin Tones

Those of us who have deeper toned skin with cool-purple undertones, a rich rosy pink looks fantastic. If you have blue-green undertones, bright pinky nudes will work wonders for you. If you have olive undertones, rich chestnuts are always a smart choice.


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