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What are Apres Gel-X Extensions?

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

When it comes to getting our manicures, people usually have two personalities. Let's say you're feeling reserved, so you may request short tips, filed square with a light coat of OPI Bubble Bath. Other times, you just can't seem to bring yourself to pick just one color, so you go with 10 shades of neon on an extra-long stiletto or almond shape.

Typically, getting the latter look requires help from extensions — our nails don't grow into coffin-shaped tips overnight, and even if they do, most of us would break them in a minute with everyday routines such as carrying groceries inside, using our nails to scrap off stickers, or it could be just jamming your hand too hard to put your jeans on. Luckily, there are many ways to get instant length, while maintaining the health and integrity of the natural nail bed. Introducing the Gel-X System by Aprés Nails. We're huge fans of the product; like how natural the extensions look and feel, which is also why it's a popular pick amongst our clientele here at Digits And Spikes Nail Studio LLC in Charlotte, NC.

What Are Gel-X Extensions?

Gel-X extensions have the malleability of a soft gel and the length as if a tip was applied. "The entire extension is made out of special gel not plastic like the tips they apply when doing acrylics," Stacelyn, owner of Digits And Spikes Nail Studio says. "It's applied directly on top of the client's full natural nail and can be cut and shaped to their preference."

Unlike acrylic or hard-gel extensions, Gel-X enhancements don't just sit at the tip of the client nails. Instead, they cover the entire nail bed from cuticle to free edge. The system comes with various sizes of full-coverage extensions, which allow us to customize the ones we use based on the size and shape of your finger. You can also pick from short, medium, long, stiletto, coffin, round, or square shapes.

Once you've selected the shape and size of your nail, your natural tips are prepped with a pH bonder and nail primer. Then, we treat your nails with a special extend gel and cure under a LED lamp. When your natural nails are cured, it's time to properly secure your extensions.

When you're ready to book your luxury fresh set, prepare to designate at least an hour and a half for extensions. Everyone's nail beds are different and we find a lot of times that the size and shape that fits on your left hand is completely different from your right. We ensure that your enhancements fit perfectly with your nails; feeling and looking as if you grew them yourself. Plus, add more time if you want to add detailed nail art:)

Are Gel-X extensions safe?

With any nail enhancement, there's a possibility of damage to your natural nail. However, Stacelyn considers Gel-X a safe method for lengthening your nails. "So far, we haven’t seen any damage from Gel-X nails, but remember this is gel," she says. "If you pick off your extensions you could cause damage to your natural nails." It's why proper removal is, hands down, one of the most critical parts of the process.

How are Gel-X extensions removed?

"Remember the extensions are made of gel not plastic, so you would remove them the same way you would remove a standard gel manicure," Stacelyn tells us. On our clients, we would either hand file or use an electric file to break the top barrier before soaking the extensions. To minimize damage, you should always seek professional removal of your extensions (if you can), but if you have to do the deed at home, Stacelyn recommends the Gel Removal Kit from Digits And Spikes Nail Studio. "It has everything you need to remove them yourself at home without damaging your natural nail," she says. "But, whatever you do, don't rip off your nails. That can weaken the natural nail bed and cause severe damage."

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