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We're definitely not your average nail salon.  One of the most important reasons is our amazing and talented staff. It's our mission to provide you with outstanding services in an environment designed to replenish, renew, and relax.  At Digits & Spikes Nail Studio you'll find all our techs to be experienced, friendly, fun, highly skilled, and ready to create an atmosphere where you'll never want to leave.

----- Stacelyn Jones, Owner

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Meet The Team

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Master Nail Artist

Hi my name is Mia!  I'm a fun and outgoing Scorpio from Charlotte, NC.

I've always enjoyed the beauty industry; especially nails.  In 2022 I officially began my nail education at Buff Beauty Academy.  I really enjoyed creating beautiful and creative nail sets, and making my clients hands feel renewed and beautiful by the end of their nail service.

Through education and maintenance, my clients will have the ultimate personal nail experience.



  • I enjoy all things girly such as Hello Kitty, anything glittery, and pink

  • Love trying new things & restaurants (major foodie)

  • I love skincare, makeup, and trying to put my best self forward (self care is a priority)

joy profile pic 3.jpg


Nail Specialist

Hi my name is Alene but I go by Joy!  I was born and raised in Detroit, MI and moved to North Carolina in 2013.  I'm a calm spirited loving Libra!

I started my professional nail journey in February 2022 after falling heads over heels in love with doing my own nails.  I started learning on my own when the pandemic shut down prevented me from going into the nail salon.  Afterwards, I enrolled and graduated from Buff Beauty Academy in Charlotte, NC.


I love everything gel and love using my passion to make others feel beautiful.





  • I am a licensed mental health therapist

  • Avid yogi

  • I love shellfish :)



Nail Specialist

Hello there! I'm Courtney, but you can call me Coco. With over 14 years of experience in the nail industry, I've mastered the art of turning visions into reality, one nail at a time.


I thrive on challenges, so whether you're seeking a bold new look or a subtle enhancement, I'm here to make it happen. Step into my chair, and together, let's transform your nail dreams into stunning works of art


Favorite quote "Living life with a sprinkle of pixie dust!"




  • Ketchup goes on eggs (lol)

  • Ladies love video games too

  • I love cooking and creating tasty dishes


kaylani 2.jpg


Nail Specialist

Hi!  I'm Kaylani, I also go by "Lani".  Born in Buffalo, NY; raised in Charlotte, NC.  I've always loved doing nails.  I first started doing nails in elementary school doing manicures and pedicures on my friends.

I attended Muse Cosmetic Institute from 2021-2022 and received my manicurist license in 2024.


I love everything nails and I'm super excited to service you up and help you feel more beautiful!





  • I am a April Taurus

  • Mom to be in September

  • I have a cat named Layne




Nail Specialist

My journey into the world of beauty began unexpectedly, as I explored various avenues including nails, hair, skincare, braiding, and coloring. Initially, it wasn't what I had envisioned for myself—I dreamt of becoming a kindergarten teacher. However, after two years of experimentation and growth, I found my passion in this industry.


Now, I cherish my work deeply. It allows me to unleash my creativity through drawing, coloring, and crafting, while also uplifting others by enhancing their beauty and confidence. Engaging with clients on a daily basis keeps me bustling and constantly learning new things, enriching my life in ways I never imagined.


  • I love doing DIYs around the house

  • I can eat as much food that's in front of me lol

  • Love love love long road trips




Nail Specialist

Hi my name is Sara! Embracing my Midwestern roots, I find joy in forging connections with people from all walks of life. While my astrological sign may scream Scorpio, rest assured, my claws are as gentle as can be. I thrive on spreading laughter and light-hearted banter, yet when it comes to nails, I'm all business!


With a heart of gold and a knack for braving the cold, I'm your go-to gal for a dose of positivity and perfectly polished nails. And let's not forget, I honed my skills at the prestigious Buffy Beauty Academy in Charlotte, NC, graduating in 2024 and officially becoming a licensed manicurist. So, whether you're in need of a giggle or glamorous nails, I've got you covered—cheesy jokes included!





  • Left handed

  • Can eat a Reese's from the inside out

  • Disney fanatic




Nail Specialist

Hello there! I'm Carlette. Sparkles and vibrant colors always caught my eye, igniting my passion for nail artistry. It all began with a simple desire for glittery nails, which motivated me to learn the craft myself.


As I delved deeper into the world of nail design, I realized my love for experimenting with various hues and styles. My formal education in nails at Stanly Community College opened up a world of possibilities, enriching my repertoire and sparking countless creative ideas.


What started as a personal hobby soon evolved into a fulfilling career journey.




  • I have 3 wonderful children

  • From St. Louis

  • I'm the baby girl of my family :)


pat pic.jpg


Nail Specialist

Hello there! I’m Pat, your friendly neighborhood nail tech. A laid-back Taurus with a passion for creativity and self-expression. As a nonbinary individual, I go by he/him pronouns. Originally from Asheville, I made the move to Charlotte to join this fantastic nail salon.


My journey into the beauty world started when I graduated from the cosmetology program at ABTech in 2023. With a natural knack for the arts, it was only fitting that I found my calling in the beauty industry. Over the past several months, I've been honing my skills and building confidence by serving clients like you.


Creating a welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels at ease is my top priority. There's nothing quite like seeing a client leave my chair with a smile. I’m particularly drawn to avant-garde styles and aspire to specialize in unique nail designs down the road.

Looking forward to bringing some artistic flair to your nails!




  • I LOVE everythin music!

  • LGBTQIA+ community is very important to me (you'll find me at the local drag shows)

  • I love to go thrift shopping in m free time.  It's fun & relaxing.


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