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We're definitely not your average nail salon.  One of the most important reasons is our amazing and talented staff. It's our mission to provide you with outstanding services in an environment designed to replenish, renew, and relax.  At Digits & Spikes Nail Studio you'll find all our techs to be experienced, friendly, fun, highly skilled, and ready to create an atmosphere where you'll never want to leave.

----- Stacelyn Jones, Owner

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Meet The Team

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Master Nail Artist

Hi my name is Monae...its great to meet you!  I'm a loud and proud Gemini from Charlotte, NC.

I knew early on that I had a passion for nails, so I enrolled and graduated from Avalon Cosmetic Art Institute.  I love transforming clients nails, and I truly love doing pedicures.  Educating clients on the health of their feet is very important to me.

Monae cares about the health of your nails and continues her focus on ensuring that you have the strongest and healthiest foundation in place first (your nail beds)!



  • I enjoy watching movies

  • Love spending time with those I care about;   family and friends

  • My favorite food is an great tasting shrimp and crab seafood boil

winta 4.jpg


Nail Specialist

Hi my name is Winta!  I'm originally from the DMV but am very happy to call Charlotte my home.

Ever since I was young I was always passionate about beauty, health, and wellness.  I truly believe they're connected and very vital when taking care of ourselves.

Taking this same approach within the beauty industry, but specifically with our nails.  If we prioritize healthy nails, our nails will become beautiful nails with strong foundations ready to be a painted canvas of our individuality.


  • I love afrobeats, dancehall, and reggaeton

  • I'm a foodie and like to experience new cuisines

  • I'm Eritrean American

mia 3.jpg


Nail Specialist

Hi my name is Mia!  I'm a fun and outgoing Scorpio from Charlotte, NC.

I've always enjoyed the beauty industry; especially nails.  In 2022 I officially began my nail education at Buff Beauty Academy.  I really enjoyed creating beautiful and creative nail sets, and making my clients hands feel renewed and beautiful by the end of their nail service.

Through education and maintenance, my clients will have the ultimate personal nail experience.



  • I enjoy all things girly such as Hello Kitty, anything glittery, and pink

  • Love trying new things & restaurants (major foodie)

  • I love skincare, makeup, and trying to put my best self forward (self care is a priority)

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