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Spring 2019 Nail Trends Part 4 of 4

Last but surly not least we bring you part 4 of our Spring 2019 Nail Trends. We would like to thank you for coming and visiting us each week and discussing the hottest nail designs we can all wear this year while spring is in full bloom. As always, if you missed part 1, part 2, or part 3, just click the links. You definitely don't want to miss the past discussion where we make sure all our minimalist nail lovers have ideas to place their best nails forward. How our nature and tree huggers can incorporate the love of being outside in a meadow of flowers all from their nails. Or just by choosing the cuticle as nail art design placement, your nails will become the conversation starters.

Without further ado we end this series by discussing french tips...but not just any french tips, colored french tips (now that makes us happy)! We're excited this was included in this years spring nail trend because it's a great way to turn a traditional design into something much more exciting!

This spring 2019 nail trend puts a twist on the classic french tip simply by omitting white. Try out a red or pink to bring a pop of color. Here at Digits And Spikes Nail Studio we always like to twist things up. By adding a second line in the same color, you have made the nail design a little more dramatic, or switch it up even farther and add an accent finger of Swarovski Crystal Pixies.

Now let's switch it up just a little more and add some nail foil to the equation. If you've never had transfer nail foil applied to your nail before, well let's just say you're in for a real treat. It can be used to cover the entire nail or as shown above, used just on the tip of the nail to create a dramatic french.

See anything you wanted to try or have a new twist on the french tip that you would like to share. Comment below, we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. If you're in the Charlotte North Carolina area we're located in Ballantyne Village above Terrace Cafe inside Salon Lofts. Appointments are strongly recommended. Book one of our manicures and don't forget to add "nail art" along with your service to ensure we have enough time. You can book online by clicking here.



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