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Spring 2019 Nail Trends Part 3 of 4

Let's keep this trend train moving lovelies with part 3 of the Spring 2019 nail trends. Remember if you haven't checked out part 1 or part 2, just click the links to take you there. You'll want to check out the design ideas for all our minimalist lovers and anyone who want to evoke mother nature's floral arrangement for their nails.

If you're a regular at Digits And Spikes Nail Studio you know how we preach the importance of taking care of your cuticles, but today we're going to show you how to incorporate nail art that is placed near your cuticle that will surly be a conversation starter.

  • This spring 2019 nail trend is cute and adds a little glitter without going overboard. If you are looking for a trend that will go with every one of your spring outfits, and bring a little dazzle on the rainy spring days, simple add a little glitter to your cuticles.

  • Nail art stamping plates are rapidly growing with endless possibilities. See a design that you like? Remember, just because the nail art design is intended to cover the entire nail doesn't mean that it has too. Our team is notorious for cutting a design in half and using them to accent your cuticles.

  • Have you ever heard of Half Moon Nail Art? No, well its simply where we draw a half circle near the cuticle of your nail. You can have all 10 fingers designed with a half moon drawing or as the suggested picture portrays, simple choose an accent finger to place the design on.

Interested in trying out one of the newest nail trends? Well have no fear, if you're in the Charlotte North Carolina area, we're located in Ballantyne Village above Terrace Cafe inside of Salon Lofts. Appointments are strongly recommended. You can contact us and book online by clicking here.



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