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Spring 2019 Nail Trends Part 2 of 4

Hey lovelies! Hope you all enjoyed the first part of the Spring 2019 nail series, but if you missed it just click here where we gave two examples you could do for a minimalist nail.

In our second series we're bringing you a nail trend that's inspired by mother nature herself. One of the best things about spring is all the beautiful flowers popping out of the ground, creating cheer that brightens our days. If you're anything like a few of our teammates, well the pollen here in Charlotte North Carolina might be giving you a slight fit. Don't let it dampen your spirits, do whatever helps you to alleviate the symptoms and try one of our floral nail designs in this spring 2019 nail trend. This way you can take those flowers wherever you go but leave the pollen, stuffy noise, and watery eyes behind!

Floral Nail Design

For our attention grabbers we suggest a full hand design...yep all 10 nails!!! Here at Digits And Spikes Nail Studio we can accommodate a multitude of designs. Perhaps we place flowers at the tip or free edge of your nails or pay special attention and draw them around the cuticle. You can choose from free hand painted nail art or perhaps one of our nail stamping plates might tickle your fancy instead.

Accent Floral Nail Art

If 10 finger nail art makes you start to hyperventilate, no worries, let's start small with an accent finger. The most used accent finger for nail art is the ring finger, but as nail art popularity continues to grow so does the accent finger placement. Plus, remember nail art reflects you. It's your choice, you could choose the pointer, the infamous middle finger, or even your thumb! Whichever finger you decide is totally fine by us.

Feeling as if you would like to try out a floral design. If you're in the Charlotte area we're located in Ballantyne Village above Terrace Cafe inside of Salon Lofts. We would love to have you. Appointments are strongly recommended. Click here if interested and remember to add "nail art" as one of your services to allow us enough time. If there's a particular flower you would like to see designed on a nail, leave us a comment below and perhaps we can make the suggestions in a future post:)



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