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Spring 2019 Nail Trends Part 1 of 4

It's that time again! Springtime is here and with it come new nail trends; a few with familiar colors and the others with a twist on accented nail art. Spring is a time of refreshing and ditching off the cold of winter, and we're here to help you leap into spring by bringing you the latest nail trends. We have something for everyone; minimalist, bold attention seekers, and our artsy lovers! We'll be bringing you a new trend over the next four weeks in this series; starting this week out with...the minimalist:)

Minimalist Nails

Minimalism is the new trend in every day life, so why not apply it to your spring 2019 nail trend. By adding simple dots to a naked nail, you create a style that is simple and elegant.

White Nail Polish

Why not go all white on your nails?! It's a great spring nail trend. It's refreshing and shakes off the dark cold colors we were wearing all winter long. Think of it as cleaning your pallet for the brighter days to come. Here at Digits And Spikes Nail Studio we consider white as our go to color. Yes it's clean and inviting, but the number one reason why we love it is because it simply goes with EVERY skin complexion! We love colors that look great on everyone!

Do you have a minimalist design you would like to try? Leave us a comment below. We love hearing your ideas. If you're in the Charlotte North Carolina area, stop by. We're located in Ballantyne Village above Terrace Cafe inside of Salon Lofts. Appointments are recommended, if you're interested please click here.



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