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Chrome Manicures Are Taking Over

The Chrome Manicure is the latest must have in the industry, and it's finally found its way to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Chrome nails, also known as mirror nails, have captured the attention of beauty gurus and fashionistas world wide. The million dollar look can be achieved using specialty chrome nail polish, metallic nail wraps or highly pigmented powder. This look is one of the hottest nail trends occurring right now, and can be worn on all ten nails, gracing the tips of our nails, or for a subtle touch, as an accent finger.

If you're not already obsessed with chrome nails, you soon won't be able to get enough. Although achieving this look isn't as quick as a regular gel polish manicure, there is more curing time to achieve the ultimate chrome look, its well worth the wait time. Before we forget, one of the coolest things about this manicure is that the chrome is actually rubbed onto your nails -- it's not a polish!

Feeling a little adventurous or need a signature look for an event, if you're in or near Charlotte, North Carolina, then call or stop by to book your next appointment. You can also book online by clicking here.



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