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BIAB Overlay on Natural Nails

Starting at $65

Let there be long lasting strength!  We use the iconic Gel Bottle’s Builder In A Bottle treatment as a stand-alone manicure which adds an extra strong layer of strength, structure and undefeated support to your natural nail beds.

This treatment is perfect for weaker nails, nails damaged from acrylic or dip powder manicures, or nail biters, or for those who want to grow their own nails in length.  Our application will leave your nails with a refined protective a cute coat of armor :)  We have a range of nudes, soft pinks and pastels, or you can upgrade your treatment with a glossy coat of gel polish color to create the perfect nails in any shade you could ever want!

Your experience will include:

  • File and shape nails

  • Deep extensive cuticle work & nourishing treatment

  • Application of your strengthening BIAB overlay with your choice of nudes or pink shades to choose from

  • Sugar/Salt Scrub with natural exfoliation for brighter & softer skin

  • Hydrating hand massage

  • Upgrade to add the gel polish color with your choice of over 150 high pigmented colors to choose from

  • Choose your add on's including nail art if you would like additional nail designs and removal during booking process (if you're a new client and currently have gel polish on)

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